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Router Bits

Index Page

 Router Bits by Name

Key to Materials Abbreviations:
HSS = High Speed Steel, TCT = Carbide Tipped, SC = Solid Carbide, SCI = Solid Carbide Insert, TNC = Titanium Nitride Coated (where not specified bits are usually TCT, Two Flutes).


Accessories, see the end of the list.
Batten Mould
Beading with Pilot
Beading with Ball Bearing
Beading - Fine Point
Beading - Wide Flat Bottom
Beading - Double, Wide Flat Bottom
Beading - Double
Beading - Triple
Beading - Ogee
Beading, Eliptical Wide Flat Bottom
Beading, Extended Double
Bevel Trimming 7º
Bevel Trimming 7º & Flush Combination
Bevel 15º
Bevel Trimming 22º & Flush Combination, TCT
Bevel Trimming 22º & Flush Combination, SC
Bevel Trimming 30º
Bowl Cutter 15º
Bowl Trimmer - Chamfer 15º
Bowl Undermount - Bevel 15º
Bowl Undermount - Roman Ogee
Bowl Undermount - Round Over
Brookman Dovetail
Bullnose Radius
Bullnose Half Radius
Bullnose Inverted Round Over
Canoe Slat
Chamfer with Pilot
Chamfer with Ball Bearing
Chamfer - with Radius
Chamfer 15º (Bowl Trimmingmer)
Classical with Ball Bearing
Classical - Traditional
Classical - Traditional with Bearing
Classical - Traditional with Inverted Bearing for template work
Classical - Combination
Classical - Multiform Combination
Combination - Classical
Combination - Classical Multiform
Counter Top and Counter Top and also Counter Top
Core Box
Core Box - Half
Cove with Pilot
Cove with Ball Bearing
Cove - Double
Cove - Classical
Cove - Triple
Dado see Straight
Dish Cut
Double Edge Radius
Down Shear, Straight
Down Shear, Flush Trimming
Down Shear, Inverted Flush Trimming
Dovetail - Brookman
Dovetail - Gifkins
Dovetail - Leigh
Drawer Joint (Draw Joint)
Drawer Pull (Draw Pull) (Hidden)
Drawer Pull (Draw Pull) ( Recessed)
Drawing Line
Edge Band Trimming
Edge Radius, Double
Edge & Draw Face
Eliptical Beading, Wide Flat Bottom
Face Inlay
End Cutting (Plunge) - Straight
Face Moulding - 16 designs, see index
Finger Joint
Flush Trimming with Pilot
Flush Trimming with Pilot, Single Flute SC
Flush Trimming & Drilling Combination HSS & TCT
Flush Trimming & Drilling Combination, SC
Flush Trimming & Drilling, Spiral Down Cut, HSS
Flush Trimming with Ball Bearing
Flush Trimming with Double Ball Bearing
Flush Trimming - Inverted
Flush Trimming - Overhang
Flush Trimming, Double Bearing
Flush Trimming - with Down Shear
Flush Trimming - Inverted with Down Shear
Flush & Bevel Combination Trimming
Flush & Bevel Trimming, Double Assemblies
Gifkins Dovetail
Handrail and also Handrail - Alternative Profile
Hinge Mortise
Hook (Key Hole) Slot
Inverted Flush Trimming
Joint, Draw
Joint, Finger
Jointing - Tongue & Groove
Jointing - Stepped
Jointing - Miter Lock
Key Hole (Hook) Slot
Kits -
3-Piece Laminate Trimming Kit and 6-Piece HSS Starter Kit
Leigh Dovetail
Lock Mortise Cutter
Miter Lock
Moulding, Face - 16 designs, see index
Mortise - Hinge
Mortise - Lock
Mortise - Slot
Molding, see Moulding
Non-Ferrous Metals, Spiral Flute
Non-Ferrous Metals, Single "Spoon" Flute
Ogee with Bearing
Ogee - Double
Ogee - Fine Point
Ogee - Rounded Bottom
Ogee - Wide Flat Bottom
Ogee - Beading
Ogee - Roman, with Pilot
Ogee - Roman, with Ball Bearing
Ogee - Shallow Roman
Ogee Form
Overhang Trimming
Palace Pattern
Panel Door (Rail & Stile) - Matched Pair
Panel Door (Rail & Stile) - Reversible
Panel Door (Rail & Stile) - Stacked
Panel Door (Rail & Stile) - Cove Economy Pair
Plastics, Spiral Flute
Plunge (End Cutting) - Straight or see the Spiral range
Provincial, edge forming
Provincial, face and edge forming (template work)
Provincial Design Veining (Vee Groove)
Rebating with Pilot
Rail & Stile (Panel Door) - Matched Pair
Rail & Stile (Panel Door) - Reversible
Rail & Stile (Panel Door) - Stacked
Rail & Stile (Panel Door) - Cove Economy Pair
Raised Panel, four horizontal designs and four vertical, see index
Raised Panel with Ball Bearing
Raised Panel - Wide Flat Bottom
Raised Panel - Bevel 25º
Rebate with Ball Bearing
Rebate with Pilot
Reed - Single
Reed - Double
Reed - Multiple
Regency - Single
Regency - Double
Replaceable Insert - Straight 1-Hole
Replaceable Insert - Straight 2-Holes
Replaceable Insert - Straight 2-Holes, Single Flute
Replaceable Insert - Straight 3-Holes
Replaceable Insert - Flush Trimming 1-Hole with Ball Bearing
Replaceable Insert - Flush Trimming 1-Hole with Double Bearing
Replaceable Insert - Flush Trimming 2-Holes with Ball Bearing
Replaceable Insert - Flush Trimming 2-Holes with Double Bearing
Replaceable Insert - Flush Trimming 3-Holes with Ball Bearing
Replaceable Insert - Bevel Trimming 22º & 45º
Replaceable Insert - Inverted Flush Trimming
Replaceable Insert - Surface Planers
Replaceable Insert Blades
Rip & Slotter
Roman Ogee, with Pilot
Roman Ogee, with Ball Bearing
Roman Ogee - Shallow
Round Nose Veining (Vee Groove)
Round Over with Pilot
Round Over with Ball Bearing
Round Over - Double Ball Bearing
Round Over - Extended
Round Over - Fillet ("Thumbnail")
Sash & Rail (Window)
Scheer Router
Sign Lettering (Vee Groove 60º)
Sign Lettering (Vee Groove 90º)
Slot Cutter Assemblies, 2 Flutes
Slot Cutter Assemblies, 2 Flutes with Ball Bearing
Slot Cutters - Replacement, 2 Flutes
Slot Cutter Assemblies, 4 Flutes
Slot Cutter Assemblies, 4 Flutes with Ball Bearing
Slot Cutters - Replacement, 4 Flutes
Slot Cutter Assemblies, 12 Teeth, SC
Slot Mortise
Spiral Flute for Wood, Upcut
Spiral Flute for Wood, Downcut
Spiral Flute for Wood, Titanium Coated, Upcut
Spiral Flute for Wood, Titanium Coated, Downcut
Spiral Flute - Roughing
Spiral Flute - Compression
Spiral Flute for Non-Ferrous Metals
Spiral Flute for Plastics
Staggered Tip
Stair Handrail and also Stair Handrail - Alternative Profile
Straight - Single Flute, HSS
Straight - Two Flutes, HSS
Straight - Single Flute, TCT
Straight - Two Flutes, TCT
Straight - Two Flutes, TCT - End Cutting (Plunge)
Straight - Two Flutes, TCT with Down Shear
Straight - Single Flute, SC
Straight - Long Single Flute, SC
Straight - Two Flutes, SC
Straight - Two Flutes, SCI
Surface Beading
Surface Planer (6 fixed TCT blades) (a.k.a Bowl Trimmer)
Surface Planers - Replaceable Insert
Table Edge
Table Edge with Return
Template routing, Provincial design
Template routing, Traditional Classical design
Thumbnail - Round Over with Fillet
Tongue & Groove
Tongue and Groove for Floor Boards
Tongue and Groove for Wall Panel
Traditional Classical, edge forming
Traditional Classical, edge & face forming (template work)
Trimming - Flush with Pilot
Trimming - Flush with Pilot, Single Flute SC
Trimming & Drilling Combination - Flush, TCT & HSS
Trimming & Drilling Combination - Flush, SC
Trimming & Drilling- Flush, Spiral Down Cut, HSS
Trimming - Flush with Ball Bearing
Trimming - Flush with Double Ball Bearing
Trimming - Overhang
Trimming - Inverted Flush
Trimming - Flush & Bevel Combination
Trimming - Flush & Bevel, 2 Flutes
Trimming - Flush & Bevel, 3 Flutes
Trimming - Flush & Bevel, 4 Flutes
Trimming - Double Flush & Bevel Assemblies
Trimming - Bevel 7º
Trimming - Bevel 7º & Flush Combination
Trimming - Bevel 22º & Flush Combination, TCT
Trimming - Bevel 22º & Flush Combination, SC
Trimming - Bevel 30º
Undermount Bowl - Bevel 15º
Undermount Bowl - Roman Ogee
Undermount Bowl - Round Over
Vee Groove 22.5-degrees
Vee Groove 30-degrees
Vee Groove 60-degrees
Vee Groove 90-degrees
Vee Groove 120-degrees
Vee Groove - Provincial Design Veining
Vee Groove - Round Nose (Veining)
Veining (Vee Groove) - Provincial Design
Veining (Vee Groove) - Round Nose
Vertical Raised Panel, four designs with related horizontal designs, see index
Wall Panel Tongue and Groove
Window Sash & Rail

Ball Bearings
Carbi-Smooth (Delrin™) Bearing Assemblies
Allen Keys
Replaceable Insert Accessories

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