Prepare your outdoor area for Spring


The winter months are finally fading, the nights are getting shorter, the air a little warmer and we’re starting to see the promises that spring is on the horizon. As we look forward to the warmer months and plan for time spent in the garden, it’s time to consider any upgrades and preparations for your outdoor area. Sunny spring days are ideal to sit outside and enjoy your morning coffee, or to host a BBQ with friends and family. Why not get started now, that way you’ll be ready to go as soon as the weather improves. 

Despite being the same every year, we still seem to forget just how quickly the grass and weeds come back to life with just a touch of sunshine. If you’ve neglected your garden for winter (as so many of us do) then this is the ideal time to get out there and start prepping it for the spring. If you’re fortunate enough to have garden areas that allow for pretty flowers and flourishing veggie patches, then now could be the best time to get planting. Many veggies are recommended for planting in the colder months and will shoot through to feed you during summer. We all know the nightmare it can be if we let those pesky weeds get out of control. Before you know it, they’ll have broken through the grooves in your patio, gathered around your garden beds, and snuck up through the gaps in your deck. If you make the time to pull them now, you’ll be saving yourself in a few months. Get them while they’re little and weak from the cold and dark. You’ll thank yourself for it later when the job is half the size and much easier to maintain! 

As spring is upon us, it is also the perfect time to get repairing. It’s an unfortunate byproduct of the weather in many parts of Australia that our outdoor furnishings and decking areas can see a bit of wear and tear through winter. Chances are your deck is crying out of a bit of TLC – give it a refresh with a heavy dose of deck stainor decking oil and it’ll be good as new in no time. Clearing out your gutters will not only improve the aesthetic of your garden but will also help protect your home during the warmer months. With the heavy rains so many of us have had this year, there’s likely to be some repairs required. If your property is fortunate enough to have a shed or a garage, you’re likely to have stored away any furnishings for protection. Time to pull it all out, dust off the cobwebs, and establish where you’re going to set it out this season. Give any cushions a go in the washing machine, touch up with any paint where needed. (Hot tip: every garden is improved when a hammock is added, this is your sign to install one if you haven’t already). No need to stop at simply tidying up your summer stuff, it’s also ideal timing to clear out your storage space while you’re at it – they do call it spring cleaning after all. Time to get rid of the rusty bike that no one had ridden in a few years and the spare home office chairs you’ve been holding onto. You don’t need to win the title of most unused office chairs Melbourne 

If you want to enhance the space even further, it may be time for a trip to the nearest hardware store. Get lost in Bunnings, it’s a treasure trove of options that will lift the vibe of your little outdoor area. Pick up some solar powered lamps, they’re great to line any walkways with and no maintenance required, plus they come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your garden needs. Fairy lights are also a genius way to lift the vibe of your outdoor area and bring your garden to life. Another product with so many colours and styles to choose from and limitless ways you can position them across your space. Drape it over the rail of your deck or balcony, or why not decorate the trees. Bonus: it’ll save you some time decorating when Christmas comes around. Citronella candles can be a life saver in the warmer months and there are plenty of stylish options to compliment your garden style. 

Having a cooking station is a given in any Aussie garden. If you haven’t already invested in a BBQ, let this be your sign. For those of you well-seasoned in outdoor cooking, it’s probably time to give that bad boy its annual deep clean. Replace any utensils that have seen better days and make sure that gas cylinder is stocked up. Nothing beats throwing a few sausages or a veggie kebab on the flames after a long day – infinitely better than slaving away in your hot kitchen. For those of us that live a little further south and don’t get as many warm evenings as our northern counterparts, investing in a decent firepit is an excellent way to ensure you make the most of the outdoors this spring. Give your family the feel of a great camping trip while you sit around the open flames – don’t forget to look for those stars. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of all the work, or you’re simply a little time poor, it’s never too late to call in the professionals. Just as you’d be browsing the internet or popping in a google search for ‘interior designers Melbourne for the ideal interior designer to help you indoors, there are plenty of similar services that deal with outdoor spaces. When we think gardener, many of us think of someone who comes by, mows the lawns and maybe plants some flowers, but you might be surprised to know there are many that offer much more. Garden designers are qualified experts in all aspects of your garden, from the placement of your garden beds, through to the aesthetic of your decking furniture. They’ll be able to advise you and provide you with plenty of inspiration. Your garden will be looking impeccable by the time they get through with it, making this spring the best one yet.