The Importance Of Regular Oiling Your Deck

oil decking

The frequency with which you should be lubricating the Australian deck is one of the most important tips you should know on how to lubricate the deck. If you are looking to do an oiling, and need to know how to oil decks, then here is what I am going to tell you for getting better results.

A little bit of caution will help you to put the correct oil on the deck to achieve the best results. We highly recommend having your oil done by professionals too, because it will make sure that your expensive deck is being properly protected. You will have to keep your deck maintained, washing it regularly and scrubbing it with the oil.

We recommend that you re-oil the deck every 12-24 months, so it stays in good shape. Once your wood deck is oiled, you should maintain a regular schedule of oiling and sealing your deck every six to 12 months, to help maintain your decks life span, and to ensure it looks its best year-round. Regularly oiling deck will help to keep it looking cool and protect against weathering.

As the timber oil soaks into the wood, it will also help preserve and protect your wood, keeping it protected and fed.

If you have badly weathered decking, Decking Cleaner will clean up any mud, muck, and any green stains; significantly improving appearance prior to applying Clear Decking Oil. Regular applications of decking oil will keep the drying out process at bay, while maintaining the woods original color and feel.

Regular applications of an oil or stain will make sure your decking materials are well protected against the main causes of deterioration. As a bonus, if a stain is carried with the oil, then it effectively preserves the timber simultaneously (although if it is a water-based stain, then it only provides UV protection). Essentially, what separates oils and stains is that staining will enhance the look of your deck by changing the color of your wood; whereas an oil will improve the existing color, if you are looking to keep the wood the way it is.

Water-based decking oils will last the longest because the product is sitting on top of the wood, while oil-based products will soak into the wood giving a very traditional appearance. Due to its deep penetration into the wood and effectiveness in sealing water away, decking oils offer great protection from molds and fungi. Of course, as our guide shows, decking oils may have added properties, like UV protection or an anti-slip property, but the main goal of decking oils is to penetrate deeply into wood and protect it against extreme weather.

Decking oils are waterproof, and many contain UV filters or blockers that work to slow down the effects of sun and water damage on your timber. Decking oils are designed to protect the natural colour of wood, replacing oil found within the timber that may vaporize or dull with time. In short, if you are looking to give some colour to the boards, staining wood offers the broadest array of shades, with solid or semi-transparent finishes, whereas decking oil is best if you are looking for a colourless treatment that soaks into the wood to protect it from within, instead of creating a layer over top.

If you are still not sure if a decking oil or stain is right for you, then either your wood supplier or your hardware supplier should be able to advise. A quality oil to consider for your wood deck is one that is easy to apply, water-resistant, resistant to mold and mildew, and offers UV protection to prevent sun damage to your wood.

Whether to use an oil or stain will depend on what you want your deck to be, but just remember that caring for your deck is just like your beauty regimen: in order for it to look great year-round, you need regular care and maintenance. It is essential to get your deck cleaned before starting oiling.

Remember, the first oiling of an Australian Deck is a little different than the oiling of an older deck. If you have used the Ronseal Decking Cleaner and Reviver and given your new deck a thorough rub down, you will be ready to start working on the oiling of your deck immediately, because the cleaner will have removed any prior treatments. If the deck has been left to deteriorate into a silver patina, you can restore it easily back to its natural oils finish, with no need for back breakingsanding or stripping.

WOCA Exterior Oil is specially designed to protect and maintain the natural beauty of outdoor woods and decks. WOCAs specially-formulated, water-based oils are easy to apply, quick drying, and will leave a premium-quality finish on your deck.

The quick drying formula of water based oil makes the application of WOCAs exterior oils simple. As a result of its waterproofing, it is easier to keep your deck maintained.

Professional deck builders choose WOCA Exterior Oil because they know that WOCA Exterior Oil will make their customers decks look great, be well-maintained, and be protected for years. All WOCAs Deck oils can be customized blended to produce unique, customized finishes. Before starting a project, WOCA recommends using our Colored Oil Tester to help find the ideal finish for your deck or other exterior wood.